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Follow an exciting journey,
Dragon Blood´s journey in China.

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Production of the very first batch

In Sweden, where the grand cave is located, production started for the very first batch going to mainland China. Soon Dragon Blood is on the way to us.

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Anka Rui Ltd. is founded

Anka Rui Ltd. will be the home of Dragon Blood here in China. Here we will keep Dragon Blood in stock for all tamers, fans and all people who loves the adventure of tastes.

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2019-05-14 - 2019-05-16

Sial Shanghai

We attended SIAL with a booth in Business Sweden’s pavilion. The response on Dragon Blood was better than we ever could have hoped for. Everyone wanted to see and have a sip of our ”magical brew”. We got tons of good contacts. Within a near future Dragon Blood will hopefully be in every Chinese home…
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